Configuring Properties for HomeBeds

HomeBeds is CiiRUS' in-house wholesale distribution platform. We contract with major tour operators like Virgin Holidays, HotelBeds, RCI, and others, and allocate reservations exclusively to enrolled homes. This gives property managers direct access to wholesale bookings that were previously difficult to access without special connections or being large enough to earn a direct contract.

HomeBeds complements existing reservation sources, and does not require property managers to "give up" the calendar or commit a certain amount of availability.

This module explains how to ensure properties are correctly configured to begin distribution to HomeBeds.


Please note, the following criteria must be met prior to distributing properties to HomeBeds:

  1. Request a connection in the Channel Manager. Navigate to Connections > Channel Manager > HomeBeds, and select "Yes, Connect to HomeBeds".
  2. After completing step one, a HomeBeds representative will be in touch and explain the contract, which must be entered prior to configuration.

Configure Nightly Floor Rates (Wholesale Rates)

In order for HomeBeds to effectively distribute to the wholesalers, a Wholesale Rate, also known as a "floor rate" is required, NOT the traditional "retail rate". The retail rate is the typical guest-facing rate found on sites like Vrbo, Airbnb, or the property manager's own website.

For HomeBeds, the Wholesale Rate is 20% less than retail. Once the Wholesale Rate is configured, it will be the rate received by the property manager in payment from HomeBeds. No commissions or fees are deducted from this rate.

To configure nightly floor rates, navigate to the Rates Editor in CiiRUS:

  1. Reservations
  2. Pricing & Fees
  3. Edit Rates

Use the drop-down list to select the rate set which requires Wholesales Rates to be configured.

By default, the "Nightly Floor Rate" column, which denotes the Wholesale Rate, is blank, or "0.00"

Enter the required floor rates (minus 20% for HomeBeds) in place of the zeros.

As values are entered, the cell borders turn green. This indicates that there unsaved changes. When changes are complete, press the "Save" icon to commit the changes.

These steps should be repeated for all Rate Sets that apply to homes that will be distributed through HomeBeds

Enable Distribution to HomeBeds

To configure homes for distribution through HomeBeds, begin my navigating to the HomeBeds page in the CiiRUS Channel Manager:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. HomeBeds

By default, the table will not include any properties. To select which properties will be distributed to HomeBeds, use the "+ Add Properties" tool.

Once properties have been added to the table, follow each of the below steps for every property:

  1. Select the Rates Set that contains the Wholesale Rate (nightly floor rate) for each property as configured above.
  2. Select which description set to send to HomeBeds for each home. CiiRUS allows users to several description templates per home so that content can be different depending on the channel.
  3. Check the box under "Enable Property?" to send the listing to HomeBeds for distribution.
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