Finance Reports

After completing the End of Month Process and finalizing the owner's statements, there are several reports that the property manager can generate to calculate the amounts due to the PMC.

To save having to go to the main reporting screen under the 'Operations' menu, the recommended bookkeeping reports can be found under Accounting > Finance Reports.


There are seven recommended reports that the property manager can generate for end of month bookkeeping reports.

  1. Owner Account Balances
  2. Reservation Extra Margin Report
  3. Housekeeping Margin Report
  4. All Owner Accounts by Category

Finance Reports

To access the finance reports, go to:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance Reports

Select the applicable report from the menu:

  1. Tax Reports: Track taxed income and produce tax reports to the state or county. Also, the system can produce 1099's and 1042's for the owners.
  2. All Owner Accounts by Category: View a detailed or summary breakdown of all transactions posted to the owner's account for the specified date-range.
  3. Reservation Extras Margin Report: Calculate the profit due to the PMC on reservation extras.
  4. Housekeeping Margin Report: Calculate the profit due to the PMC on housekeeping for the month.
  5. Owner Account Balances: See a breakdown of the owner's minimum reserve balance, payments due to or from the owner, and the owner's current ending balance.

Please note, the standard reports cannot be customized or modified. It is recommended to export the report to make further changes if applicable.

Tax Reports

CiiRUS can produce up to three tax reports based on the taxes configured by the Property Manager. The tax reports can be given to the state or county to show a breakdown of all the taxes that have been collected for a given month.

Please click here to read the full User Guide on how to generate the tax reports.

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