Process Owner Payouts via Check

In addition to paying out the owners via ACH, CiiRUS can also produce a check to pay the owners in one batch. It is recommended to use the 'Standard QuickBooks Business Laser' check format where the pay stub is at the top followed by the two remittance's. That being said, the Property Manager has the ability to customize the check format before printing it.

Once the checks have been printed from CiiRUS, the payment will automatically apply to the applicable Owner Account's to update the ending balance.


To print a check to the owner, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Bill Payments

Next, select "Pay Owner Check" to open the "Pay Owners" window:

The table displays each owner in the system as well as the property information, last closed month, the balance, the owners account balance, and the amount due to pay to the owner.

Notice the system automatically checks and bolds any owner where a payment is due:

This can be overridden by selecting from the list of owner's and manually typing in an amount to pay.

Process Payment to Owner

After printing the checks, a pop-up window will appear to confirm that the checks printed successfully. Select the statement date that the payment to owner will appear on the Owners Account and then click "Yes" to proceed:

A new transaction will appear on the Owners Account to show that the payment was made:

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