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CiiRUS can produce up to three tax reports based on the taxes configured by the Property Manager. The tax reports can be given to the state or county to show a breakdown of all the taxes that have been collected for a given month.

As a reminder, the tax location, tax types, and tax percentages are configured in the Software Settings Assistant > Tax Settings.

For the tax reports to be accurate, it is important that the taxes have been configured correctly and that the tax amounts are correct for each booking.


To access the tax screen and generate the reports, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Tax Reports/Processing

The "Overview" screen displays a table of the taxes collected for the specified date period:

The table displays the property name, arrival and departure dates, number of nights, the guest name, the booking category, the base rental amount, the tax amounts, and the grand total.

It is important to ensure that the totals are correct in order for the tax reports to be accurate. If a discrepancy is spotted, go to the Total Booking Summary to correct the amounts in the booking before generating the tax report.

Tax Reports

To generate the tax report, select the applicable tab based on the Property's Managers tax types. For example, in Florida, Property Manager's collect Sales and Tourist tax.

To generate the Tourist tax report, click on the "Tourist Tax" tab:

Specify the applicable month, year, and tax region. Click "Refresh" to load the report.

Typically, taxes are filed in arrears. For example, at the start of March, the Property Manager will file the February taxes once the bookings have departed.

The table will display each property and the total amount of tax due.

What is the Collection Allowance?

The collection allowance is available when the payment is remitted timely. The deduction allows the Property Manager to retain a percentage of the tax amount due. Please check with the Local Tax Authorities for more information and to see if this applies for your tax region.

To open the tax report, click "Open Report."

A new tab will open within the browser where the report can be viewed.

The report can be printed, saved, emailed, or exported using the tools at the top.

Repeat the steps above to generate a report for each of the applicable tax regions.

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