Reservation Folio Overview

The Booking Folio is where all details of the booking are managed.

Within the Reservation Folio, the following booking data can be viewed or updated:

  • Guest Contact Details
  • Booking Details (ID, Category, Dates, etc)
  • Rates/Financial Information
  • Booking Extras
  • Payments
  • Housekeeping
  • Guest List and Count
  • Move a Booking
  • Edit the Dates of a Booking
  • Send on-demand emails
  • Add Comments or Notes
  • Add Booking Flags
  • Inspections
  • Upload images/files

Access the Reservations Folio

The Reservation Folio can be opened from various modules or screens of the system, including the Reservations Manager, Reservations Calendar and the Reservations List.

Go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Select either the Reservations Manager, Reservations Calendar or the Reservations List.

To open the Reservation Folio, either double-click on the booking, or right-click to open the short-cut menu and then select "Reservation Folio."

The Reservation Folio can also be accessed from various screens in CiiRUS such as the Credit Card Processing Module, the CRM, and Housekeeping and Work Orders.

To access the Reservation Folio from other areas, please click on the "Reservation Folio" icon:

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