How to Configure Properties to your Agents

Please read this if you are a Supplier looking to distribute your units to Booking Agents across the network.

Once you as the Supplier and the Agent have established agreements and rules and CiiRUS has connected you and your agents account, you are ready to go live.

To configure your units to your agents, please go to

  1. Connections
  2. Inventory Share
  3. SuperSites
  4. Agent Properties

Selecting an Agent

  1. Select the correct agent using the drop down menu.

Enabling Properties

  1. Click on Enable Property to select the applicable units.
  2. Press Save

Configure Properties to your Agents Table

All units will appear here in this table. For each unit,

  1. Assign the correct rate set,
  2. Check the Use Nightly Floor Rates box,
  3. Apply the description set
  4. Apply terms and conditions,
  5. Check the box if you would like to send mandatory extras,
  6. Allows CalendarSync.
  7. Enable the property, or Unit
  8. If the Nightly Floor Rates box is unchecked, the system will not pull the rates into the Agents account and
  9. If the Allow CalendarSync box is unchecked, the agent will not have the ability to clone your units into their account.

Please note that the system will pull the plain text description within the applied description set and the plain text terms and conditions within the applied terms and conditions set over to the agents account.



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