What is Cal-Sync / Inventory Share?

Calendar Sync enables a Property Manager to share the homes that they manage to other Agents or Property Managers on the CiiRUS Network.  

The Property Manager is the Supplier in this relationship. Once the Supplier establishes rates and enables each unit for CalendarSyncing, the Booking Agent can clone the respective units. At the time the unit is cloned, the system will automatically transfer Rates, Property Descriptions, Images, Terms and Conditions, Mandatory Extras, and cleaning and pool heat fees for each unit into the Agents system.

The Agent can then apply a mark up to the set or agreed rates for each unit. Once the mark up is applied, the Agent can market the supplied units to create more bookings. When the Agent places a booking, all connected calendars are updated in real-time. When the Agent looks at a booking in a cloned unit, the agreed rental rate plus the mark up displays in their system. When the Supplier of the unit looks at a CalendarSync booking, the set nightly floor rate will display.

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