Multi-Agent Login

What is a Multi-Agent Login?

A multi-agent logon is a platform offered by CiiRUS that allows the Property Manager to provide a protected website for booking agents, where the agent can login to quote and make bookings for guests at discounted rates. The Property Manager will be able to configure specific rates, descriptions and properties for each agent, giving total flexibility to cater to the agreements made with each agent.

How does it work?  

The CiiRUS Website Team will make a duplicate of the website connected to the Property Manager's CiiRUS Account and add an Agent Login page. Each agent will be provided with a unique Username and Password to access their portal.

To get started on creating a multi-agent login, please reach out to the Website Team for pricing and more information.

A domain and SSL certificate will also need to be purchased for the multi-agent login site. For example,

Activating the Agent Connection

Once the multi-agent website has been created, the agent connection and CiiRUS account will need to be enabled. This is done by CiiRUS' Support Team. Each agent will have an individual CiiRUS Account, where the Property Manager will login to enable the applicable properties and create the agent's username and password.

Please keep in mind, the agent will never have to login to the CiiRUS Account. The agent can create quotes and bookings directly from the portal.

  1. Send an email to our Service & Support Team to activate the agent connection and agent website.

Note: Activation can take up to 48 hours to process.

Login to the Agent Account

The Property Manager will login to each agent's CiiRUS Account to generate the username and password and enable the properties assigned to the agent. The website will not be visible or active if this information has not been entered.

Login to CiiRUS One using the agent's CiiRUS credentials, provided by the Support Team.

First, to add a username and password for the agent to login on the website, go to:

  1. Websites
  2. General Settings
  3. Restrict Website Access

Click to "Require a logon to website" and enter the Username and Password. Click save at the bottom right of window.  

This is what the agent will use when they login to the portal:

Enable the Properties for the Agent

The Property Manager can enable specific properties, rates, and descriptions to stream to the agents website.

To do so, please follow the steps on how to enable properties for a SuperSite.

Keep in mind, the properties first need to be added and configured from the main CiiRUS Account. Then, login to the agent's CiiRUS account to enable the properties.

Bookings Generated from the Multi-Agent Login

For any bookings that are placed through the agent's portal, CiiRUS will apply a 1% booking fee off of the total paid by the guest.

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