General Features

Property Features must be configured for the website, VRBO, Airbnb and This is a requirement for the channels and at least seven features must be selected, however, we recommend selecting ALL features that would apply to show up in as many search filters as possible. The features help potential travelers by narrowing down the search results based on the criteria they are looking for.  

The General Features are specific to the website and some channels. It is recommended to specify as many features as possible.


  1. The information in each panel reflects the currently selected property
  2. Each panel can be expanded by clicking the Arrow Icon to the right of each panel.

Beds / Sleeps / Baths / General

In the "General" features, the Beds / Sleeps / Baths /General panel contains a property's size and sleeping arrangement.

The information entered here will appear on the property's website and other reports and correspondence that is sent to guest.

Pool / Spa

The Pool / Spa panel includes pool and spa features for the selected property.

Pool and spa facilities that are built into the community can also be included.

Enable any boxes that apply.

General Facilities

The General Facilities panel includes various features and amenities that are available in and around the property.

Enable any boxes that apply to the home


The Internet panel shows the property's internet connection options.

Enable any boxes that apply to the home

Child Features

The Child Features panel displays various accommodations from infants and children.

Enable any boxes that apply.

Heating / Cooling

The Heating / Cooling panel displays various fixtures for heating and cooling a home.

Enable any boxes that apply.

View / Location

The View / Location panel displays the various features that surround your property such as golf courses or bodies of water.

Enable any boxes that apply.

Activities / Things to Do

The Activities / Things to Do panel list various entertainment features and activities either around or in the selected home.

Enable any boxes that apply.

Other Features

The Other Features panel consists of miscellaneous features and amenities.

Enable any boxes that apply.

Export/Import Features

To save time, once the standard features have been selected, they can be exported over to one more properties that share similar features.

For steps on how to export or import features, please click here to read the manual.

Saving the features

Once the features are selected, be sure to click the Save button on the bottom right of the page.

Check the "Click if you have completed this page" check box to save the result.

  1. Then press Next to continue to the next page, or select another Feature from the Dropdown menu.
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