Owner Collections

Owner Collections  is a table that displays all units including active and deleted.

The Property Manager has the ability to view owner account balance information and can take payment from owners in one batch.

To access Owner Collections , go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Owner Collections

Owner Collections  Table

  1. Apply a date-range to load only properties that are available between a certain time to display in the table.
  2. Select to view Active Properties,  Deleted Properties, or Active and Deleted Properties.
  3. Refresh. Pressing this button updates the Owner Collections table based on the applied filters
  4. Property ID
  5. Property Name
  6. Basic Property Details
  7. If the property is Deleted
  8. The Date Off Management Date which is the day the property was physically deleted from the system
  9. The owner account balances such as, Last Month End Date, Today's Balance, or Current Balance, Any Payments Due

Export the Table

To export the data onto a spreadsheet, click the "Export all Data" icon to the top right of the screen:

Process Payment from an Owner

From the table, the Property Manager can process payments due by the owners. Instead of owners submitting their credit card details on a monthly basis, the system can store the owners credit card, or bank account information, so it can be processed directly from the card on file.

To process a payment from an owner, ensure that the credit card has been added to the Owner's Profile. To do so please go to:

  1. Owners and Homes
  2. Owners
  3. Manage Owners

From the Manage Owners table, click on the "three-dot" icon in the first column against the applicable owner. Then select, "Manage Payment Methods."

An integrated credit card processor must be connected to CiiRUS for this option to show.

Payment Methods Screen

To add the owner's credit card information to store in the system,

  1. Click the "Add" button
  2. Enter the owner's credit card information and their billing details
  3. Click "Add" to save

Process Payments using Property List

Once the owners credit card has been added, payments can be processed using the Property List. Use the Owner Collections to individually charge the owners credit card, or process payment for all owners in a batch.

To do so, go to back to, Owners & Homes > Properties > Owner Collections  and then:

  1. Click on the Take Owner Payment icon from the first column in-line with the applicable owner.
  2. Specify whether to Take today's amount due which is the current balance due or a different amount
  3. Then click Take Payment
  4. Select the payment method on file
  5. Type in Comments for reference
  6. Select to "Take payment now." If this box is not checked, the payment will appear as a pending transaction, under credit card processing to physically process later.
  7. Click "Process."

Once the payment is processed an approval, or declined message will appear. If approved, it will automatically apply as a credit from the owner to the individual owner accounts.

Batch Owner Payments

In addition to processing payment for each individual owner, payments can be processed in a batch to save time.

  1. Click "Batch Owner Payments" and the system will automatically check the owner's where a payment is due
  2. Below the table, a new window will appear to select to take the month end amount due or today's amount due
  3. Specify to take payment now or later. If later, the transaction will appear as pending under Credit Card Processing to physically process later
  4. The Batch Owner Processing Log will appear to show any errors or if payment was successful
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