Tax Settings

Tax Types

The system allows up to three tax types, that can be assigned to a tax location/region. For example, Polk County Florida USA, has two taxes for vacation rentals, Sales and Tourist tax. Some locations have three taxes.

Enter the name of each tax type in the "Tax 1," "Tax 2," and "Tax 3" fields.

Adding Tax Locations

Once the tax types have been entered, the tax location can be added:

  1. Press the "Plus" button
  2. Enter the "Location Name." For example, "Florida - Polk County"
  3. Enter the tax percentage for each tax type. For example, 5% Sales and 6% Tourist.
  4. Press "Save"
  5. The system will automatically calculate the total tax

Please keep in mind, once a tax location has been added, it cannot be deleted or modified. If a mistake was made, or the tax percentages have changed, please create a new tax location and assign it to the properties accordingly.

Applying Tax Locations to  Properties

To Apply a Tax Location to a property, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Quick Setup
  4. Click on the Tax Location dropdown to the right of the property

Using the Column Chooser

If the Location category is not visible, it will need to be dragged in to the Quick Setup screen using the Column Chooser.

The animation below will demonstrate how this is done.

Reservation tax report based on

Management Companies may or may not have to file and remit taxes on  behalf of the managed owners. If filing taxes on behalf of managed  owners, specify whether the tax reports are based on the Arrival Date or  based on the Departure Date.

For example: 7/25/19 to 8/05/19

If the departure date is selected, taxes for this booking will reflect on the August remittance

If the arrival is selected, taxes for this booking will reflect on the July remittance

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