Seasonal Commissions

What is a Seasonal Commission?

Typically, a Management Company will agree to seasonal commissions with their respective owners. Soley based on reservations, the commission due to the Management Company is based on the season. For example,let's say you have a booking during the summer season, the system will calculate and apply the commission, based on what they have agreed with the owner.

To enable Seasonal Commissions for your account, please contact the Support Team via the Help Center. Unless this page is enabled, it will not appear in your system. 

How to Configure Seasonal Commissions

First, we must configure the Seasonal Commission sets and then we can assign each Seasonal Commission set to a property.

To add the commission, create a new commission set. There are 3 types of seasonal commissions  

  • Fixed Amount
  • Fixed Nightly
  • Percentage

If you earn a fixed commission amount per season, then you will add a Fixed Amount Commission Set.

  1. Click on the Plus Button to add a new Row
  2. Enter the title of the set name, for example "3 Bedroom Fixed Commission"
  3. Specify 'Fixed Amount' from the type options
  4. Enter the 'Default Amount', this can be overridden on a per season basis
  5. Click Save

Creating a New Band

To the right of the Set that you have created, click on the “Edit Bands” icon, to add the seasons and the amounts.

To add a season:

  1. Click on 'New Band'
  2. Specify the Arrival Date and Departure Date
  3. Enter your Fixed Amount for that season
  4. Click “Add” to save the band

Continue adding the date bands and amounts for each season. If you skip a season or miss any dates, then the system will apply the default amount as your commission.

Follow the same steps as above to enter Fixed Nightly and Percentage commissions

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