General Reservation Settings

It is important to configure the general reservation settings to prevent booking errors or discrepancies. Most of these settings can be overridden on a per unit basis except for the following global settings that cannot be overridden:

  1. Default check-in/out times
  2. Email notification settings
  3. Send the gross or net amount to the owner
  4. Discount code payout calculation
  1. Property Manager Commission: commissions can be set on a global basis, per property basis, per supplier basis, and on a per reservation basis. The global commission percentage is entered here to have the system auto-apply to each reservation.  
  2. Check-in/out times: specify the default check-in and check-out times.

Reservation & Notification Settings -

Enable or disable the following settings by clicking on the checkbox:

  1. Allow owners to view the amount of rental income due to them at the time of booking in the owner portal?
  2. Receive an email notification anytime a work order, clean or booking is added and/or modified. Notifications are sent to the email address on file. Please note, system notification messages cannot be customized.
  3. Email the owner to let them know when a new booking is made in their unit?
  4. Update booking financials for a reservation when dates are altered or the booking has moved to a different unit. This can be overridden in Advanced Unit Setup on a per unit basis.

Create Terms and Conditions Template-

Create or edit default terms and conditions for direct and channel bookings. Multiple terms and conditions templates can be created if certain units have different terms. Once they have been created here, they can be assigned on a per unit basis.

To add or edit the terms:

  1. Select "Manager Terms and Conditions Templates"
  2. Click the "Plus" icon and enter a name of the template
  3. The first window on the right is for the website terms. This box can support HTML and formatting, like Microsoft Word. Enter the text in this window.
  4. Enter or copy & paste the same terms into the 'Plain Text Settings" field below. These are used for the channels where only plain text (un-formatted text) is permitted.
  5. Click "Save"

Send Net or Gross Amount to Owner Statement-

When disbursing rental income to the owners statement, send either the net or the gross amount. The net amount is the rental income  excluding tax. To send the net amount, enable this setting. To send rental income including taxes, disable this setting. Typically, there are three scenarios that apply for this setting:

  1. The property manager is remitting taxes on behalf of the owner and DOES NOT want to itemize the tax on the owner statements. Therefore, sends the net rental income and should check this setting.
  2. The property manager is remitting taxes on behalf of the owner, and DOES want to itemize the tax on the owner statements. Therefore, send the gross rental income and debit the tax as a separate line-item and should uncheck this setting to send the gross.
  3. The owner is remitting the tax, therefore, the gross rental income is sent and should uncheck this setting to send the gross.

Please note, once this setting has been enabled or disabled, it is not recommended to go back and change the setting, as it can change the financials that have already been disbursed to the owner. It is reversed for reservations already generated.

Discount Code Payout Calculation -

When this setting is enabled, the system will calculate the Owner and PMC Payouts after the discount is deducted from the base rental rate. For example, if a 10% off discount is applied to a reservation, the PMC commission will be calculated from the base rental rate after the discount is applied.

Balance Due Setting

Enter the number of weeks prior to arrival that the balance due of a reservation is due. This is a global settings; if it's left blank, the system will use the value set against each unit.

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