Housekeeping Settings

Configure the housekeeping settings that will apply globally for all cleans. Default housekeeping settings can be overridden on a per property basis using Quick Property Setup.

General Settings

  1. (Global Default Cleaner) - Specify the Global Default Cleaner. The system will automatically apply the specified cleaner to all properties & cleans. However, it can be overridden on a per property, or on a per clean basis. Keep in mind, only vendors that have been assigned as a "Cleaner" will appear.
  2. (Automatically Add a Clean to a Vacant Property) - Enable this setting to have the system automatically schedule refresher cleans if a property is vacant for the amount days entered into this field. For example, if the most recent clean was completed 28 days ago, the system will automatically schedule a refresher clean. This refresher clean can be removed from the housekeeping schedule.
  3. (Roll-Over Incomplete Cleans from Prior Day?) - This setting will continuously roll-over incomplete cleans from prior day to current day until the clean is set to complete.
  4. (Cleaning Charges) -  Enter the default cleaning charges to charge or apply to the owners statements.  For example: Charge the owner based of the number of bedrooms. Enter the amount of bedrooms and the housekeeping charge, which Is the amount charged to the owner. The owners housekeeping fees can be overridden on a per owner basis.

Default House Keeping Charges Per Property Size/Clean Type

Enter default charges for housekeeping for each property size. These are defined by number of bedrooms.

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