Contacts and Vendors

It is very important to add all vendors and contacts into the system to fully utilize the Operations & Accounting Modules. All vendors that provide services to the Property Manager and/or Owner should be entered. For example, housekeepers, maintenance companies, utility companies, inspectors, booking agents, ect.

Adding a Contact/Vendor

  1. To add a contact, click the "plus" icon above the table
  2. Enter the contact details such as the "Company Name," "POC First and Last Name," and assign Service Type 1 and 2. Enter other contact details and the Task Manager Password, if applicable.
  3. Click "Add"

The fields highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below, are required.

How to Edit/Delete a Contact/Vendor

To edit a contact, simply click into the desired field within the table to make any changes.

To delete a contact, click the "trash" icon and then click "save" or click the "refresh" button to undelete.  

Task Manager Login

Housekeepers, maintenance, and inspectors can login to Task Manager to see the tasks assigned to them. Within their contact, locate their username and password to login to

With users added and configured, they must be given user credentials to access Task Manager:

  1. The Contact ID is system generated and cannot be changed
  2. Enter a password that the vendor will use to login to Task Manager
  3. Click the "Save" icon above the table
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