Reservation Folio: Header

The header of the TBS displays basic information about the booking such as the Booking ID, the property, dates, and guest information.


From the header, the following booking information can be seen:

  1. The Booking ID/Reference Number (auto-generated by the system)
  2. Property Name
  3. Booking Category
  4. Arrival Date
  5. Guest Name
  6. Departure Date
  7. Guest Email
  8. Booking Scenario

Update the Booking Category

The Booking Category is the booking source to identify where the booking was placed (direct, Airbnb, Vrbo, etc). The category can be changed by clicking the "I" icon:

The list of Booking Categories will appear. Select the new Booking Category and click "OK" to apply it to the booking.

For imported bookings (for new users), it is recommended to create new booking categories for past channel bookings. Example, create a new booking category called "Airbnb Imported" to apply to the past Airbnb bookings.

New Booking Categories can be added by going to: Account Settings >> Software Settings Assistant >> Navigate to "Booking Categories."

Update/View Guest Details

To enter or view the guest information, select the ‘I’ icon next to the Guest Name to open the “Guest Details” window.

Contact Details

The guest information is stored in the CRM Database which stores a record of all the guest information for future use.


To enter the guest Address, enter the address in the “Combined Address” field which can be in any format. Then click on “Tidy Address,” Google Maps will automatically populate the address fields. If Google has correctly applied the address, check the box. This is a shortcut, instead of individually manually entering each field.


To store internal notes for the guest on file, type the notes in the field.

Reservations & Quoting

The “Reservations & Quoting” panel will display any past, present and future bookings for this guest.


The automated CRM emails that have been sent to the guest can be tracked within the “History” panel. Additional activity can be added by clicking on the “plus” icon and entering the date and comments.


The Guest Portal feature is called GuestPass. Every guest has access to their Guest Portal to view information about their stay, to make and view payments against the booking, ability for the guest to check-in and check-out of the home in real-time, view the house rules and information about the home, view property manager contact and emergency contact information, view local things to do and more. The guest can access their personalized GuestPass from any mobile device or web browser. To send the guest access to their GuestPass account, click “Email to Guest”. An email will be sent with the guest’s username and password. The username will always be the guest’s email address and the system will automatically generate a password.

Personal Details

For marketing purposes, enter the guest personal details. Automated emails can be generated, for example, “Happy Birthday - here’s a discount code”

Payment Methods

To store credit card information for the selected guest, click on “Add.” The address that was entered for the guest will automatically populate. To update the billing details, enter the Card Details.  

Be sure to click the "Save" button after making any changes to the guest contact details.

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