Reservations List

The Reservations List is a list of all bookings for all properties in one table.

The Reservations List is a great way to quickly search for a booking by searching for the guest name or Booking ID.

In addition, the Reservations List is a very powerful tool for generating custom reports such as Arrival/Departure reports, Bookkeeping and Financial Reports, and other helpful reports that can be used by the reservation team.


To access the Reservations List, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reservations List

Each column in the table represents different data such as the Booking Category, Property Name, Arrival and Departure dates, Guest Name, and other information.

Above each column, is the "Column Header" which shows the name of the data found in the column.

Applying Filters

Additional filters can be applied to narrow down the booking results.

First, enter the desired date range based on the rental dates, date booked, or the date canceled:

Click on "Color Key/Filters" to search for bookings with current guests, arriving today, arriving within a week, or future guests. Additionally, choose to show native bookings, agent bookings, outbound bookings, or all. Instead of showing bookings for all properties, a specific property's can be selected from the drop-down. Be sure to click "Apply."

After selecting the date-range or applying any filters, click "Refresh" to load the results in the table:

Search for a Booking

The Reservations List is a great way to quickly find a booking by looking up the guest name or the Booking ID. For instance, if a guest is on the phone and has a question about their booking, go to the Reservations List, and type in the guest first or last name in the "Search" bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, ask for their Booking ID, and type this in instead.

After typing the name or Booking ID, click the drop-down "Search" button and specify to search by Guest Name or Booking Ref (ID):

Using this search field, bypasses any filters that were previously applied to locate the bookings (regardless of the date-range applied too).

The table will display all bookings that contain "John" within the guest name field.

To clear the search filter, backspace within the Search Field or click the "Clear" button:

Another way to search by the guest name or Booking ID, is to simply type it in the white-space field under any column and then select the "Enter" button on the keyboard:

Searching this way, will only show bookings that fall within the specified date range and meet the filters that were applied. If there is a booking for a guest named "Paige" not in the specified date-range, it will not appear here and it would be best to use the Search field at the top of the table instead.

Or it is recommended to enter a wide date-range when searching for bookings.

To remove any filters, uncheck the filter beneath the table:

The Shortcut Menu

From the Booking Manager, the shortcut menu provides easy access to common tasks (see image below).

To activate the shortcut menu, click on the "three-dot" icon beside the booking or right click on a booking.

  1. Total Booking Summary: view or edit the booking
  2. Booking Action History: see all activity for the booking such as the date and staff member that made the change
  3. View in Bookings Manager: view the booking in the Bookings Manager to cancel it
  4. Move Booking: select a different property to move the booking into
  5. Copy Booking: duplicate the booking into another property
  6. View Guest Details: open the Guest Details Window to view or edit the guest contact details
  7. Assign Floor Rate Set: Override the rateset against the booking to display the floor rate (wholesale rate)
  8. Send Confirmation: send an email on-demand from the booking to a guest or owner

How to Customize the Table

Just like with any other table in CiiRUS, it can be customized; new columns can be added, columns can be removed, it can be sorted, grouped, or filtered by a column.

To customize the table, click on the "Column Chooser" icon. A window will open that displays all of the available columns that could be added into the table.

To add a column, simply click on the field and then drag it into the desired place in the table.

The same applies when removing a column, except, it will be dragged out of the table and dropped into the "Column Chooser" window:

Columns can be made smaller or larger by hovering over the Column Header and when the icon appears, move it in or out to make the column smaller or larger.

How to 'Group' Bookings

From the Reservations List, bookings can be grouped by any column. For instance, bookings could be grouped by property to make it easier to see how many bookings there are for each property.

To group by a column, simply drag and drop the column header into the space above the table that states, "Drag a column header here to group by that column."

The same logic applies for any column.

To remove the grouping and go back to the default list, simply drag and drop the column back into the table:

Export Bookings

The Reservations List can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further manipulation.

To do so, click the "Export" icon. An Excel file will download in the "Downloads" folder.

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