Connecting to Vrbo

CiiRUS is directly integrated to VRBO, and proud to be an Elite partner! CiiRUS connects directly to VRBO via a 2-way API feed, meaning essential data, such as descriptions, rates, images, features, terms, and availablity are pushed out in real-time. When an inquiry or booking is made through VRBO, it will automatically land in CiiRUS.

The VRBO feed from CiiRUS produces tens of millions of dollars each year for our customer base.

How to Activate Vrbo

Activating the connection between CiiRUS and VRBO is a simple process.

Please go to:

  1. Channel Manager
  2. Channel Partners
  3. Vrbo

Please note, this part of the connection must be done in CiiRUS Desktop. If you do not have access to CiiRUS Desktop, please contact our Channel & Connectivity Team to assist with this part of the set-up by submitting a ticket via the Help Center.

When the Sign-up dialog is displayed, answer all questions.  If you answer “Yes” to all questions, select the 'Enable HomeAway Sync?' option.

(After following the steps in the link, return to your CiiRUS account and refresh by selecting Vrbo from the list and then repeat these steps.)

If you answer “No” to the first question, you are directed to to begin the creation of your Vrbo account. After you create the account, return to CiiRUS after seeing this screen:

  • Contact your assigned Vrbo Account Manager or Support. He or she will set your account and listing preferences so that you can begin the activation process. 
  • Review the activation process with a Pre-implementation Specialist. A Pre-implementation Specialist will contact you to confirm that your account is ready and set an appointment for your activation project. 
  • Begin your project after an Implementation Specialist contacts you. When it is time for your appointment, an Implementation Specialist will contact you to begin your project. He or she will send you a link to a mapping tool that you can use to map your Vrbo listings within CiiRUS. The mapping tool is user friendly and straightforward, but if you have any questions, please ask your Implementation Specialist. To find your property IDs within CiiRUS, go to Channel Manager and select HomeAway from list, and then note the Ciirus Property ID.

How to Activate the Listings

From the Vrbo Channel Manager screen, click "Enable Vrbo Sync?"

The table displays all of the properties in CiiRUS. Before syncing to Vrbo, ensure that the correct Rate Set, Multiplication Factor, Description Set, Terms, Cancellation Policy, and Instant Booking are set up. Then, select 'Sync with HA?' at the listing level. 

  • Complete and return the Mapping Spreadsheet with the external IDs from CiiRUS. The Implementation Specialist will then work with the Engagement Manager to set up your Listings and Online Booking (OLB) integrations. If you had existing listings on Vrbo, the Support Team will work with you to transfer reviews to your new listings. 
  • Troubleshoot issues and use the Vrbo dashboard. Your activation is almost complete! Your Implementation Specialist will end the project with explaining how to troubleshoot errors on your nightly audit report and how to navigate your Vrbo dashboard. If you have any questions after your project closes, contact the Support Team for Integrated Property Managers (see bottom of this document). 

Please Note: After you are integrated, CiiRUS becomes the system of record for rates, calendars, listing content, and photos. Any listing content entered on the Vrbo dashboard will be overwritten by the feed.

Property Information that Feeds to Vrbo

Property Listing Content - various information must be configured within the Property Assistant.

a) Title/Bullet Points (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Title/Bullet Page)

  • Headline (20-100 characters)
  • Description (400-10,000 characters)

b)  Location (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Location Page)

  • Street address as displayed on Google Maps
  • Two letter state abbreviation
  • Country abbreviation
  • Geo-coordinate location
  • Property Type
  • Community

c) Show Exact Location (To enable the exact location of the property, go to Owners & Homes > Properties > Vrbo Features)

d) Property registration number and Taxes  (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Owner Accounting Page)

e) General Features (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > General Features Page)

  • Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square Footage
  • Minimum guest age
  • Maximum number of guests
  • Bedroom configuration

f)  Vrbo Features (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Vrbo Features Page)

  • Be sure to include, 'Children, pets, events, and smoking suitability' 
  • The features help potential travelers by narrowing down the search results based on the criteria they are looking for.

g) Images (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Images Page)

  • Only the first 50 photos feed to Vrbo
  • Minimum of 10 high resolution images
  • Recommended image size is 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Maximum photo size is 20 MB

h) Minimum length of stay (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant >Rates > Edit Rates)

  • Set the minimum length of stay in the Min Nights column.

i) Payment Schedule (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Down Payment)

  • Specify the number of weeks prior to rental that you want the balance to be paid and your preferences for security deposits. 

j) Fees & LoS Discounts (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Short Stays, Housekeeping)

  • Specify the booking fee
  • Specify the cleaning fee
  • Specify a length of stay discount

k) Check-in and checkout time (Account Settings > Software Settings Assistant > Navigate to General Reservation Settings)

Minimum content requirements on Vrbo

To ensure that all listings meet basic quality standards, all new listings must meet the following requirements: 

  • Headline must include at least 20 characters (max of 80)
  • Description must include at least 400 characters (max of 10,000)
  • Each listing provide have at least 6 photos 
  • Bedroom and bathroom count should be included for each listing
  • An accurate address and latitude/longitude are required for each property
  • Updated calendar and rates information must be provided
  • Registration number must be specified for listings in jurisdictions that require it

Multi-unit listings

Multi-unit inventory on Vrbo is integrated as one representative unit. This means that there will be only one listing with one unit type that can have multiple similar bookable units behind it. Below are examples of how your properties can be organized into multi-unit listings:

  • One property with multiple similar units:  An example of this would be a condo/apartment building with 10 one-bedroom rentals of the same size, furnishings, and layout. In this example, there would be one listing (the one bedroom rental unit type) that represents 10 bookable units.
  • One property with multiple rental configurations representing multiple similar units: An example of this would be an apartment building with 10 one-bedroom rentals and 10 two-bedroom rentals. In this example, the one and two bedroom rentals would be two separate listings (one for each unit type) with 10 bookable units on each listing.

Vrbo’s multi-unit requirements

  • Multi-unit properties can only be displayed as Pay-Per-Booking listings
  • Each single unit listing must have the same rate structure
  • Calendars are consolidated for bookable units
  • You are responsible for making sure your software has correctly allocated incoming booking requests to the appropriate bookable units
  • Vrbo needs a credit card on file for your commission payments
  • Multi-unit listings must comply with Vrbo’s Marketplace Guidelines
  • Each multi-unit listing can have up to 500 photos; Vrbo recommends having 50 photos per listings
  • Unit-level description and photos should not be used
  • Listings must meet the minimum content requirements

Multi-unit terminology CiiRUS refers to unit types as “Allocation on Arrival” or “AOA” and bookable units as “door units”. 

Bookable unit-level IDs If you have multi-unit properties in CiiRUS, your unit ID will be the same as the property ID but will have the AOA option selected. 

Bookable unit-level content As long as your have enabled your units to be AOA within CiiRUS, all of your listing content will be updated in the same place as your non-AOA units. For more information about how to enable listings as AOA, please contact CiiRUS Support. 

Rates in CiiRUS

Vrbo only supports daily rates. Ensure that daily rates have been configured for each property and assigned in the Channel Manager.

To specify daily rates, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Edit Rates
  3. Select "Actions" and then "Edit"

Managing Bookings in CiiRUS

Credit Card Processor

The Property Manager becomes the Merchant of Record meaning you will collect payment from the guest for Vrbo bookings. It is important to have an integrated credit card processor connected.

Terms & Conditions / Rental Agreement

To add the terms and conditions, go to Reservations & Quoting > Quoting > Quote Settings > Allow Quotes / Online Bookings.

Click Edit terms, click Add/Edit Terms, and enter a name and enter terms in the text box. Select "Save", select Terms from drop-down list, and then save your settings.  

Note: Rental agreements may not contain emails, phone numbers, or website links of your rental business.

Vrbo bookings

When a new Vrbo booking is placed, you will receive a pop-up notification informing you of the new reservation along with the booking ID, property name, and a link to the booking. CiiRUS can email you notifications when you receive a new reservation from Vrbo. New booking notifications will also appear in the notifications panel by clicking the "Bell" icon in the upper left of the screen:

To locate bookings in CiiRUS, go to Reservations & Quoting > Bookings List. In the list of bookings, in the Booking Category column, select "Vrbo Pay Per Booking (Vrbo/PPB)."  

Booking creation

You may receive a booking through an inquiry or phone call from a traveler who found the listing on Vrbo. Properly attributing these off-platform bookings to Vrbo in your software factors into your listing’s overall performance that is reported through the Vrbo Booking update service (BUS). Performance factors into where listings are displayed in Vrbo search results. To manually create a booking in CiiRUS, go to the Bookings Manager, select Add Booking for the selected property, and update rates and fees information. 

Vrbo booking attribution

If you manually create a booking in CiiRUS, you can attribute that booking to Vrbo by going to Reservations & Quoting > Bookings Manager. Highlight the booking, click the General tab, and select Vrbo Pay Per Booking (Vrbo/PPB) from the drop-down list next to Category. 

Instant booking 

Instant Booking Confirmation feature is enabled automatically at the account level for all listings. Instant booking can also be enabled at the listing level by going to Channel Manager > Vrbo and select Instant Book Enabled.

If you wish for your listings to be Request to Book, disable this setting. When the booking is placed, it will come through as tentative giving you time to confirm the booking.

Booking confirmation emails 

To enable confirmation emails to go to travelers after their bookings are confirmed, create a CRM template using Newsletters and Templates. Go to Management Company > Newsletters & Template > New Template. After creating the CRM email template, apply distribution rules by going to the Emailers and Rules screen. Make sure to specify that emails should be sent after confirmation of the booking. 

Booking cancellation

To cancel a booking in CiiRUS, go to Reservations & Quoting > Bookings Manager. Find the reservation and right-click on it. Click the Cancel Booking option from the right-click menu . Then, select whether the booking was cancelled by the property manager or guest. 

Cancellation policy 

To select a cancellation policy for a property, go to Channel Manager > Vrbo and specify the policy in the Cancellation Policy column. For more information, refer to

Amenities in CiiRUS

The table below lists the Vrbo amenity names and the CiiRUS amenity names to which they correspond.

Vrbo support for integrated property managers

After your software is activated, you can contact the Vrbo Support Team using the contact information below. If you have questions about billing, adding properties, and so on, please contact your assigned Vrbo Account Manager. 

CiiRUS support

You can contact the CiiRUS support team by 321-251-8020 or by submitting a ticket via the Help Center.   

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