Create New Property / Owner

The Property Assistant provides a simple way to guide users through configuring new owners and properties.

Accessing the Property Assistant

To access the Property Assistant, go to

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Assistant

Adding a New Property/Owner:

To add a new property:

  1. Select "Add New Property"
  2. Either select an existing owner or create a new owner

If the owner does not yet exist, click "Create a new owner."

Enter the contact details for the owner and the Username and Password for them to login to the Owner Portal.

It is recommended to use some sort of naming convention such as the owner's First Name and Last Name with no spaces. For example: For the owner "John Lester," enter "JohnLester" as the username. If the username is already being used on the network try adding a number after the name. For example: "JohnLester22."

Upon adding the owner, there are no limitations for the password. However, if a password needs to be reset later, it will need to meet certain requirements. It's always good practice to keep a copy of the passwords in the "General Notes" field, below.  

Owner Portal Permissions

Configure the permissions for the owner's portal. This can be done at a later stage if desired.

  1. Enable Website & Marketing - When this check box is enabled the owner can create and update a personal website. Please contact the Support Team for more details.
  2. Enable Owners & Homes - When this check box is enabled the owner can add work orders, view and update inventory, view print and export monthly and annual owner statements.
  3. Property details read-only?- When this check box is enabled the owner cannot make any edits to the property details. It becomes read-only.
  4. Enable Property Calendar - When this check box is enabled, the owner can view the availability calendar, view management company bookings (restricted data access), and add/edit owner bookings.
  5. Enable Quotes Manager Menu - When this check box is enabled, the owner can create a rate set to use for the personal web site, and can generate quotes from the portal.
  6. Allow Add Booking - this will allow the owner to create owner bookings. Once the booking is created, the owner and Property Manager will have full access to the booking.

Other Details

  1. Allow owner to see owner amount against bookings? - This setting will determine if the owner will see the amount due to them for any reservations made by the Property Manager in the owner portal. When set to Default, it will use the global setting set in the Software Settings Assistant. When set to Allow the amount will be displayed. When set to Don't Allow the amount will not be displayed.
  2. The General Notes field is a great section to enter and save notes about a particular owner. These notes are for internal reference only; owners will not see the text written in this panel.

After creating the owner, follow the rest of the steps within the Property Assistant to finish setting up the Property.

Copy Selected Property

A property can be duplicated which will copy the original configration to the new instance of the property.

To do so:

  1. Click the "Copy Selected Property" button
  2. Select an owner from the dropdown chooser or create a new owner
  3. Enter a new name for this property
  4. Press "Save"

Please note, copying a property, does not copy over the bookings. Copying a property will only copy all of the property specific settings within the Property Assistant.

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