Reservation Sources

Reservation Sources, formally known as Booking Categories, are applied to each reservation to easily identify the source or supplier of the reservation. The system has a number of predefined sources available; these cannot be deleted or modified, however, new booking sources can be created by clicking the “plus” icon above the table. The reservation sources are assigned to each reservation to create reports and statistics of each reservation supplier.

For example, custom reservation sources can be added to represent booking agents, travel agents, or other companies that the PMC work with. Each source can be color coded so it's easy to identify where the reservation was placed.

When a source is set to an 'owner booking,' the owner can view and update financial and duration details from the owner portal. When 'owner booking' is not set, no financial details will be displayed and only the guest name, arrival/departure dates are visible.

Reservation Sources Table

To add a new Reservation Source:

  1. Click on the "plus" icon above the table. A new row will appear in the table.
  2. Enter an abbreviation code and the full name of the reservation source
  3. Specify the color indicator to color code the source
  4. Specify the disbursement rule for Owner Accounting (see below for more information)
  5. To automatically process the balance due for a certain booking source, check this checkbox.
  6. To override the default PMC commission  for the source, check the ’Override Global Commission’ checkbox and enter the new amount in the "Default Commission %" column
  7. Click the "save" icon

Disbursement Rules

The system can disburse rental revenue to the owner’s statements based on the rule applied to each reservation source. This efficient method provides a more automated solution to owner accounting.

There is no need to individually credit the owners account for each reservation for each property one by one. There are 7 disbursement rule options to choose from:

  • Arrival date has passed, regardless of payment amount received
  • Departure date has passed, regardless of payment amount received
  • Arrival date has passed and payments received >= Booking Total
  • Departure date has passed and payments received >= Booking Total
  • Pro-rate owner amount based on date period (If full payment received)
  • Pro-rate owner amount based on date period, regardless of payment received

Auto-Process Balance Due

Lastly, the system can automatically process the remaining balance due on the balance due date if a valid credit card is on file for the guest. This can be enabled/disabled on a per booking source basis.

To enable the system to automatically process the remaining balance:

  1. Click the checkbox under the "Automatically Process Balance Due" column for each applicable reservation soruce

We highly recommend sending a notification of payment reminder to the guest that their upcoming payment will automatically be processed using the card on file.

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