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Outbound Email Options

Outbound Email Options

CiiRUS offers 3 methods of sending emails and notifications from the system: “Use CiiRUS Default”, “Use your own SMTP server”, and “Use the Mandrill service”.

To Access Outbound Email settings, go to

  1. Account Settings
  2. Edit Account Details
  3. Click on the Outbound Emails button.

Outbound Emails:

CiiRUS Default Method:

  • This is the original method of sending emails. Emails are send directly from the CiiRUS Servers and from an '' sending domain. The user’s emails address is appended as a "mailto:" in the emails header so that any replies go back to the manager’s own email address.
  • This method does work, however due to recent SPF compliance of email distribution systems, the user may find that their correspondence is blocked by the recipient. This is because this system sends emails using '' on the behalf of many different users, which can be misinterpreted as spam or ‘spoofing’. Also, this method of sending mail is NOT supported by the Emailers and Rules feature of our CRM.

CiiRUS Default:


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):

  • SMTP is a fairly universal way of remotely sending messages from a 3rd party email server, using another application to generate the message. Many email services offer SMTP functionality including but not limited to Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Zoho, and others. With SMTP, the message is composed from the CiiRUS system but is then sent to an SMTP sever to actually “send” the message.This method sends the message as the email service user and so instead of the message coming from with a mailto: in the header, the email sends from the user’s actual email address. Such a method is SPF compliant and results in a much more reliable delivery system.
  • Users should be careful connecting their SMTP server to an automated system like our Emailers and Rules, as too high of a volume of messages to the wrong recipients could leave the email address permanently black listed.
  • The user should refer to their email service of choice for the documentation pertaining to this set-up.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol):


Mandrill Transaction Email Service:

  • Mandrill is a purpose built, high volume email distribution solution. It is very much like SMTP except it does not integrate directly with the user’s emails service, and it provides safe guards to prevent black listing from occurring. Additionally, Mandrill provides Detailed Reports, so that the user can see how each email was handled, when it was opened, or if it failed and why.
  • Mandrill is a paid service, and setting it up requires a MailChimp Account and a couple of text records will need to be added to the sending domain’s name server to pass SPF Validation. Mandrill also provides some great documentation on how to complete the set-up.

To view the Mandrill set-up Documentation, click on the following link



For more information about email distribution options and many other helpful CiiRUS topics, please see our online documentation here.

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