What's Required to connect to Booking.com?

Each channel supports different data and has different requirements to list a property through their platform.

This User Guide explains what is required to successfully list a property through CiiRUS on Booking.com.

What's Required

  1. Rates - must have a minimum of THREE calendar years of rates configured and assigned to the property (Reservations & Quoting > Quoting > Edit Rates > Configure a rateset with three years of rates)

2. Property Listing Content - various information must be configured within the Property Assistant.

a) Location (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Location Page)

  • Street address as displayed on Google Maps
  • Two letter state abbreviation
  • Country abbreviation
  • Geo-coordinate location
  • Property Type
  • Community

b) General Features (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > General Features Page)

  • Square Footage
  • Minimum guest age
  • Bedroom configuration

c) Booking.com Features (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Booking.com Features Page)

At least seven features must be selected, however, we recommend selecting ALL features that would apply to show up in as many search filters as possible. The features help potential travelers by narrowing down the search results based on the criteria they are looking for.

d) Title/Bullet Points (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Title/Bullet Page)

  • Property Title (8-50 characters)
  • Description (400-10,000 characters)

e) Images (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Images Page)

  • Minimum of 10 high resolution images
  • Resolution of images is 1280 x 900 pixels minimum
  • Recommended image size is 1920 x 1080 pixels

f) Assign Terms and Conditions (Owners & Homes > Properties > Property Assistant > Terms, Quote/Booking Page)

3. Connect to a Merchant Processor - an integrated credit card processor must be connected to list on Vrbo. The Property Manager (PM) is the Merchant of Record, meaning, the PM will be responsible for processing the payment from the guest.

Currently, CiiRUS is integrated to the following merchant processors:

  1. Vacation Rent Payment (VRP)
  2. Lynbrook Group
  3. Stripe
  4. Most Authorize.net direct processors (inquire with the bank).

In addition to the required information found above, to fully optimize the listings, it is recommended to fully configure each property in CiiRUS using good data. Use the Property Audit Report to quickly check that each property is fully configured and ready to be listed!

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